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ICS CUBE Installation on Virtual Box

VirtualBox (Oracle VM VirtualBox) is for virtualization of Microsoft Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, Solaris/OpenSolaris, ReactOS, DOS and other Operating Systems. It is developed by Innotek, which was acquired by Oracle Corporation.

We will need a personal computer/server with VirtualBox installed in order to set up ICS CUBE on this virtual platform.

We will review installation of VirtualBox 3 in our example. Start the virtual environment and click “Create”.

Select name for the virtual machine and choose BSD → FreeBSD.

Please select appropriate amount of RAM provided for this virtual machine.

In the next window choose boot device, where we will keep virtual machine or create new virtual hard drive. If you do not possess existing disks, please select creation of new one. Wizard for creation of virtual drives will start. Select “Fixed size object” and define the size of created disk.

After creation of disk, virtual machine will be ready.

There is one network adapter installed by default. For fully functional ICS CUBE performance we require at least 2. Select “Properties” with the right mouse click of newly created virtual machine. In the “Network” section please choose “Network Bridge” and select network adapter, which will be used. Highlight “Adapter 2” and tick “Enable Network Adapter” flag and “Network Bridge” with selecting real network interface.

Select CD/DVD-ROM without leaving the settings of virtual machine. Choose “Connect CD/DVD” and select option “ISO-image file”. In new window select “Add” and define ISO-image, downloaded from our web-site in the list and press “Choose”. Confirm settings by pressing “Ok”.

Press “Ok” button and start virtual machine. Setup installation for ICS CUBE will start the same way as installation on normal PC.

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