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ICS CUBE installation on VMWare platform

VMWare Workstation

VMware Workstation — Virtual machine of VMware company for x86 and x86-64bit systems. To install ICS CUBE on virtual platform - VMware environment PC, installed with VMware workstation will be needed. We took example of installing ICS CUBE on VMware 5.

Start the virtual Environment as File → New… → Virtual machine… Choose “Select the Appropriate Configuration” and select “Typical”. When choosing the OS, please choose other → FreeBSD.

Next we need to specify name and folder to keep the image file of the VM.

When choosing the “Network type” select “Use bridged networking”.

Next widow will allow specifying the size of virtual hard drive. Once done, the image space will be created.

There is 1 network adapter created by default. For full ICS CUBE functionality there are 2 network adapters minimum required. Select created Virtual machine with the right mouse-click and choose “Settings”. Select “Add”, choose “Ethernet Adapter” in the list and in its properties select “Bridged”.

Without changing the settings of the Virtual Machine, please choose CD-ROM. In connection “Settings” please switch “Use Physical Drive” parameter to “Use ISO-image”, choose browse and select image-file, downloaded from our web-site.

Press Ok and start the virtual machine. You will see ICS CUBE setup process similar to standard OS installation on normal personal computer/PC.

Important: In order to successfully establish network connection using IP addresses it is needed network cable to be plugged into physical interface of the network card.


VMware ESX Server — is the Operating System for Virtualization, which allows dividing personal computer/server into logical partitions, called Virtual Machines. It includes virtual resource management Essentially it is a hypervisor, which involves the installation before any other operating system.

For installation of new virtual machine, please start vSphere client. In our example we use VMware ESXi 4.0.0. Choose File → New… → Virtual machine… In configuration window select “Typical” and specify the name of the virtual machine. In resource pool window please select connective virtual-machine pool, where your new system will reside.

Using Datastore window, specify hard drive, which will hold an image of the new virtual machine. When choosing Operating System, select Other → FreeBSD.

In the next window please specify the size of virtual hard drive and confirm by Finish. From this point Virtual Machine will be created.

Add another network adapter (or several) and define image of ICS CUBE the same way as with VMware workstation. Start the Virtual Machine. ICS CUBE setup will start the same way as installation on normal personal computer/PC.

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