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The VPN module is located in the “Network” menu. This module is designed to control users connecting via VPN technology to ICS CUBE. The “VPN” module has six tabs: “VPN server”, “Settings”, “Users”, “Current sessions”, “Events”, “Log”.

Main page of the module.

The VPN server tab. This tab displays the status of the PPP Connections Service and OpenVPN services with the option to Disable (or Enable if the service is disabled), as well as the latest messages in the log for the current day.


The “Settings” tab allows you to set the following settings:

  • “Allow multiple sessions for same login” checkbox
  • “Automatically create a permitting rule” checkbox to access a VPN server from an external network
  • “Automatically create a permitting rule for OpenVPN” checkbox allows IPsec Encryption for VPN Connections
  • “Session timeout” field allows to determine the session break time in case of user inactivity. This field allows you to determine the time in seconds, the default value is 60 seconds.

For automatically rule creation checkboxes, hyperlinks to the corresponding rules are given in the tab “Network” → “Firewall” → “Rules”.


The “Users” tab shows the list of the ICS CUBE users and allows to define which of them can connect via VPN and OpenVPN. By default the flags are not set for all the users that have an address from the VPN range. You can restrict the connection by unmarking the user.

In this tab, you can add a new user, in the same way as in the tab “Users and statistics” → “Users”.

When a specific user is selected, control buttons are activated that allow you to delete, disable and edit the properties of the selected user. Their actions are similar to the corresponding buttons in the “Users and statistics” → “Users” tab.

To provide access to the OpenVPN network, it is necessary to check the box “OpenVPN access” opposite the corresponding User, and a new dialog window will open in which you must select the appropriate OpenVPN network. After the manipulations, the corresponding User in an individual module in the “OpenVPN” tab, additional connection settings in the OpenVPN network will become available. In addition, ICS CUBE will automatically create a final certificate for the corresponding User, with the name <network name> _ <User name>. It is worth noting that if the username of the User added to the OpenVPN network is changed, this can lead to disruption of the ICS CUBE.

Current session.

On this tab you can check which of the users are connected right now, check the connection time and also to disconnect a user.

In the list you can see the IP-addresses of VPN connections, the type of VPN connection and the name of the user for whom this connection is created.

When a user is selected, the following are displayed:

  • Connection time - time when this connection was established
  • Connection duration
  • IP-address and method of issuing it
  • IP-address and port from where the connection is made
  • “Terminate Connection” button to disconnect a user


The “Events” tab displays the event log of VPN connections. In the tab, you can select the period for which events will be displayed, the type of events (system messages, service messages, errors, other messages).

The “Export” button allows you to download event log data from a txt file.

The event log is a table consisting of two columns: “Time” - time of occurrence of the event “Message” - description of the message.


In the “Log” you can find all the system messages from the VPN-server. Log is divided into pages, you can use the “Next” and “Previous” buttons to navigate through them, or enter the page number in the appropriate field directly.

Log messages are marked by colour depending on their type. Normal messages are white, errors are red.

In the top right corner of the module you can find the the search line. You can use it to look for specific log messages.

Log always shows the events of the current date. If you want to check events for the other day, you need to pick a date from a calendar in the top left corner of the module.

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