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Authorization server (xauth)

The “Authorization server” (Xauth) is located in the “Users and statistics” menu. By default this menu item is hidden, for its activation you need to choose “Settings” in the Menu (the gear button), enter “Users and statistics” and set a flag for this module. To end the operation you need to push the settings (the gear button) again. This module is responsible for authorization server Xauth, using which Users can be authorized to ICS CUBE using the Xauth authorization utility. This module contains three tabs: “Authorization server”, “Settings” and “Log”.

Authorization server

On the “Authorization server” tab there is a server status (on/off), the “Turn on/off” button and event log for the current date.


On the “Settings” tab there is a choice “Automatically create an allow rule”. If the flag is set for this item, then in allow rules of firewall the rule “Access for authorization program” (Direction - incoming to ICS CUBE; source - local networks, DMZ networks; destination - self; Protocol - TCP; destination port - Authorization program port; Interface - local interfaces, vpn interfaces, DMZ) will be created. If the flag is not set, then this rule will be deleted from all allow rules of firewall


The “Log” tab. Shows the report of all system messages of the “System” module with a timestamp. Log is divided to pages, you can navigate it using “Next” and “Back” buttons, or you can enter required page number manually. The messages in the log are marked by color depending on theirs type. Normal system messages are marked white, system status messages (turning on/off) - green, warnings - yellow and errors - red. In the right top corner of the module there is a search line, and also there is a function of choosing a period for which logs will be shown. By default log shows the events for the current date. If necessary, you can save the log to a file using the “Export” button or delete the log for custom period, using the “Delete log” button.

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