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Xauth authentication utility.

Xauth authentication utility (Xauth client) is intended for authorization of users on the ICS CUBE. You can download the utility by clicking on the link “Authorization program” on the login page of the ICS CUBE web interface.

After downloading, the Xauth client can be started. The utility does not require installation and is supplied directly as an executable file. After starting, in the loading moment ICS CUBE logo will appear for a short time, after that the program will continue to work in a minimized form in the tray.

Connection to authorization server.

To connect to the authorization server, by default Xauth client will try to use the route to the default gateway. You can change the address of the authorization server by right-clicking on the Xauth client icon and selecting the settings menu, change the address in the input line to the required one. Then you need to reconnect to the new server by clicking “Disconnect” and “Connect” in the same menu.

Xauth client updating.

When connecting to the server, the Xauth client will check for updates for itself. If it is not found, then the program will continue to work. Otherwise, the download process of the new version will automatically start. Usually this process does not take much time and depends on the speed of connection to the server. During the download process, a progress bar appears, which displays the current percentage of downloaded data.

After downloading, the program will automatically end, update, and turn on again. It should be noted that the newly launched program will use the default gateway to connect, so if the address of the authorization server has been changed, the operation of changing the address must be repeated.

User authorization.

There are three way for authorization via Xauth client:

  • By IP-address of device on which the Xauth client is running
  • With using domain authorization
  • By user login and password

At first an attempt is made to authorize by IP-address. Authorization by IP-address is used if there is a user in the ICS CUBE who is assigned the IP-address of the machine on which the Xauth client is running.

If authorization by IP-address has not been carried out, then an attempt is made to authorize through the domain. A domain must be configured for this type of authorization.

If both of the methods have not been implemented, then the user will be prompted to enter a login and password for authorization, which are assigned to him when created in the ICS CUBE.

Xauth client startup keys.

The Xauth client can be launched without any additional parameters, in which case the program behavior will be the same as described above. However, in some situations, different program behavior may be required, for example, during automatic and / or remote start. In such cases, the utility can be launched with one or more of the following keys:

  • –server [server ip]: a key for setting the default authorization server;
  • –noauto: disabling authorization by IP-address (see paragraph “User authorization”);
  • –nodomain: disabling authorization through the domain (see paragraph “User authorization”);
  • –nomanual: disabling authorization by login and password (see paragraph “User authorization”);
  • –nosave: do not save data entered on the authorization form via login and password;
  • –logs [NONE, DEBUG, INFO]: logging level, if the logging level differs from NONE (by default), then the logs folder is created in the same directory as the executable file and the logs of the utility are placed there;
  • –noclose: do not disable the authorization utility when blocking the OS and / or changing the user.

Connection monitoring.

The connection monitoring service is designed to constantly monitor the status of connections made by the end device with the Xauth client installed.

On the client side, in general, it is not required to perform any settings for the operation of this service. However, there are several Xauth client startup keys that affect its operation:

  • –nomonitor: disabled monitoring of connections on the client;
  • –delay [delay]: adjust the time between connection scans in milliseconds, the default value is 1000 (1 sec.).

Web-interface of connection monitoring.

Connection monitoring data can be viewed through the ICS CUBE interface. To do this, go to “Users and Statistics” menu → Users, select the user on whose machine the Xauth client is running and go to the “Applications” tab.

On this page, connections are grouped by the applications that these connections have established.

You can see:

  • connection application
  • process PID
  • general information about connection (IP addresses, ports, protocol)
  • PID of the parent process

Also on this page you can block the connections established by the application. Blocking is carried out through the Application Firewall service.

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